Product family features
  • Up to four DALI PCU can be connected in parallel to set up multiple control points
  • Automatic synchronization between the control points
  • Combinable with standard presence- and motion detectors with mains contact
  • Behavior after power failure configurable
  • Length of the DALI control cable: up to 300 m
Product family benefits
  • Intuitive manual dimming and switching
  • Integrated DALI supply
  • Individual setting of minimal brightness level
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for up to 25 electronic control gears
  • Flexible expansion via DALI repeaters or further DALI PCUs

Information about Family

The DALI PCU provides intuitive manual dimming and switching of DALI light fittings, and implements DALI edition 2. You can combine it with standard mains-fed presence and motion detectors, and connect up to 4 units in parallel to set up multiple control points with automatic synchronization between them. You can also configure its behavior in the event of power failure It’s a great choice in conference rooms, particularly with moveable partition walls, and for restaurant lighting and shoplighting. Each DALI PCU uses a control cable of up to 300 meters, has an integrated DALI supply and allows you to set a custom minimal brightness level.
Areas of application
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Shop lighting