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Why UV

UV light offers a solution to the problems posed by contaminated water. Home UV systems—integrated into the plumbing—and portable UV filters—for on the go—allow people to live where they want and travel where they wish, always ensuring access to clean, safe water.

Background Knowledge

  • Photolytic effect on DNA: micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses cannot replicate.
  • Purification effect is obtained at wavelengths below 320 nm, with maximum effectiveness achieved at 260 nm.
  • OSRAM HNS germicidal lamps emit light at 254nm, very close to the maximum effectivness and are ozone-free



  • Low-pressure Hg discharge lamp
  • RoHS compliant
  • With UV-C transparent long-life coating
  • Soft glass tube
  • Single UV-C peak @ 254nm
  • Not generating ozone
  • High efficiency (30% UV-C output)
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For effective purification...

the wavelength and intensity of the irradiance is critical. OSRAM PURITEC HNS germicidal lamps provide peak intensity at 254nm that is ideal for highly effective sterilization of water, air, and surfaces.

Other UV Application fields

Light for medical lighting

Mercury discharge lamps are used for tooth whitening and for hardening composite fillings with blue light.

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Insect traps

Protect food by keeping insects away - chemical-free, efficient pest control

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