Warranty claim: Step-by-step instructions

Warranty claim?

Did you experience a defect during the guarantee period? We are sorry because this does not coincide with our quality standards. To resolve the problem, you can of course approach your dealer – or optionally you may contact us. In the latter case, it takes just five simple steps to get a replacement:

1.) Pack the lamp securely for transport. Use the original packaging if you still have it. Just wrap a few pages of newspaper around the lamp to provide some protection.

2.) Include the receipt or invoice in the package (either the original or a copy) if you still have it.

3.) Place the completed customer complaint form (or a legibly written letter that contains your address, telephone number and a brief description of the problem) into the carton.

Download customer complaint form

4.) Seal the package and address it to us. You will find the address for returns in your country on this list.

5.) Send the package to us –please affix correct postage. We will take care of the problem as quickly as possible!

Do you have questions? Email: contact@osram.com